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Cairns physio clinic PhyxMe joins with Allsports

When Megan and Chris Thomas relocated from Sydney, they saw an opportunity to bring the active and sporting communities a Cairns physio clinic different to anywhere else in the region.

Over the past seven years, PhyxMe has grown to become a leading provider of sports-based therapy in the Cairns physio market and its name is recognised for its exceptional treatment services and support of athletes and sporting clubs.

It was this reputation that last year sparked the interest and subsequent investment from Brisbane-headquartered Allsports Physiotherapy - an established, highly-resourced and respected allied health and sports medicine group, with 25 other clinics throughout Queensland.

A shared philophy and operating model means Megan and Chris continue to operate the Cairns physio clinic on a multidisciplinary approach, providing clients with access to evidence-based treatment and an extensive range of services within a modern and interactive space at Edge Hill and satellite location at Smithfield. Our highly qualified Cairns physio therapists coordinate and individually tailor rehabilitation programs to support and maximise your recovery.

The partnership with Allsports also brought the opportunity for PhyxMe to open the region’s first Q Pilates Studio, a group of boutique Pilates studios wholly owned by the Allsports group and leaders of physiotherapy-led rehabilitative exercise and Pilates. Q Pilates is run by experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists passionate about using exercise to rehabilitate injuries and re-establish optimum functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Classes are designed to help clients prevent or recover from injury, manage pain or chronic conditions, improve athletic conditioning for sport, and maintain general health and wellbeing.

PhyxMe’s extensive range of services include




biomechanical assessments

Q Pilates

PhyxMe Physio and the Cairns community

Beyond the clinic walls, PhyxMe is the local Cairns physio supporting junior and senior sporting teams, clubs and community groups by providing training, education and hands-on support at games and events throughout the year.

Our employees and their families lead active lives participating in sports and activities including Samba dancing, netball, road cycling, open water swimming, snowboarding, circus, hip-hop, running, rowing, power lifting, mountain biking, triathlon, sailing, rugby league, cricket, soccer and AFL.

Megan, Chris and the PhyxMe team are proud to support local Cairns cancer charity COUCH through regular fundraising events and an annual cheque presentation on Daffodil Day. Watch the 2018 cheque presentation here.

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