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Bike Assessment

Cycling involves a complex interaction between body and bike, and this plays a major part in the level of enjoyment (and success) you can achieve within the sport.

PhyxMe physiotherapist Megan Thomas is trained in the specifics of bike biomechanics and works with cyclists to maximize efficiency for your body on your bike.

The difference with a physiotherapist bike fit is that they take into account your injuries, niggles, physical limitations and attributes to give YOU the best performance on YOUR bike.

A bike assessment in our Cairns clinic is ideal for

people who started cycling and may not feel quite comfortable in their set up

cyclists who want more power, wind reduction or comfort

triathletes that are finding their run transition difficult

anyone with pain or discomfort on their bike

A comprehensive bike assessment involves a full biomechanical review of your body and the way it moves on and off the bike, individualised strengthening/stretching program, training drills, suggested modifications to the set up of your bike, ongoing review and support.

What you will learn from a bike assessment

what is great about your cycling set up and pedalling style
what may lead to potential injury
possible causes of pain and how to stop it
factors limiting speed and performance

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