Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation plays a vital role in helping you regain full function following an injury or surgery, or to manage chronic conditions and pain.

When you see a PhyxMe Physiotherapist in one of our Cairns clinics they will individually tailor a progressive exercise program for you to restore strength, flexibility, muscle endurance and power.

Success with rehabilitation largely depends on your commitment

This is why our team of clinicians not only provide expertise and knowledge, but support, guide and help motivate you to get you back doing what you love doing, fast. Our clinic is set up with a well equipped and dedicated rehab area and clients are encouraged to use this for their rehab under expert guidance.

Exercise rehab is an important part of the treatment for many conditions, including

athletes with a shoulder impingement problem
new mums with lower back pain
injured workers returning to the workforce
people suffering from osteoarthritis and osteoperosis
people recovering from orthopaedic and general surgery 

As well as home-based exercise programs, we offer

hydrotherapy (pool) and gym sessions with a physiotherapist
group rehab classes with a physiotherapist
group fitness class with exercise scientist
one on one clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist
use of dedicated rehabilitation and exercise area

Your exercise program may include a range of exercises to

restore muscle strength
improve mobility
flexibility and stretching
improve proprioception
build power (speed-strength)
re-train movement patterns
increase core strength
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