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PhyxMe Physio Cairns

By the time a client presents for their first physiotherapy appointment, they have often been living with some level of pain for a period of time. This pain will likely be affecting sleep, work, day to day tasks, exercise, sport and can often take a toll on your overall happiness and quality of life.

Our physios take a hands on approach to your treatment, meaning they will work to give you as much pain relief as possible, ease muscle tension, get your joints moving and address swelling and inflammation.

With a central focus on movement, physiotherapy is the best way to get back doing what you love: walking, running, working, playing sport and living pain free

Physio treatment

At PhyxMe Physio Cairns we offer a wide range of treatment, modalities and specialised services, including


Chris and Megan Thomas have built a dedicated team of Cairns physios who are passionate about exercise, sport and health and have a comprehensive understanding of phyxing people.

Our focus is to make you stronger, more mobile and able to perform at your best: whether is on the sporting field or day to day life.

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