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Women's Health

During and after pregnancy the female body undergoes many changes that affect the musculoskeletal system. These changes may cause various complaints, predispose you to injury, or trigger pre-existing conditions. PhyxMe's post natal and pregnancy physios are based in our Cairns clinic and have a special interest in women’s health.

Post natal and pregnancy physio treatment

We can effectively treat problems including

Diastis recti (abdominal separation)


Pelvic floor dysfunction

Pubic symphysitis

Lower back pain and hip/glut pathology


Caesarean scar management

Once correctly assessed and diagnosed these conditions are often greatly relieved with various strategies including pain relieving modalities, deep massage and other manual therapies, core-stability muscle strengthening, postural stretches, specific muscle balancing and co-ordination techniques (including retraining, positioning and patterning) and sometimes external supports and splints.

During pregnancy physio advice and guidance about staying fit and healthy can be highly beneficial, as well as when you transition back to exercise post natal.

Following the birth of your baby and medical clearance from your Doctor, Pilates classes at PhyxMe Fitness Studio are a great way for post natal women to

build strength in muscles affected by pregnancy
improve balance and learn breathing control
reduce back pain
increase post natal recovery
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