Real Time Ultrasound Physiotherapy

Using the same non-invasive imaging technology used during pregnancy and diagnostic testing, real time ultrasound (RTUS) therapy shows you how your muscles are contracting as you move and perform exercises.

Real-time images are displayed on a screen enabling your physiotherapist to show you the different layers of muscles as they contract and relax, and measure their timing, strength and endurance.

The goal is to master the correct muscle activation with RTUS, then continue the same exercises and muscle actions throughout your rehabilitation program.

RTUS physiotherapy can be used for any muscle retraining, helping common conditions such as

low back pain caused by core musculature weakness or timing issues

pelvic floor dysfunction caused by prostate treatment, pregnancy, weight gain, age or uknown

poor rotator cuff muscle programming of the shoulder

inadequate function of the gluteal muscles causing hip or low back pain

Post natal physio & RTUS

During pregnancy there is increased pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. Our womens health physios use real-time ulstrasound during post natal assessments to determine pelvic floor contraction and assist with muscle re-training. Regardless of whether you had a natural or caesarian birth, the pelvic floor muscles need to learn to function properly again. Read more about pre and post natal physio available in our Cairns clinic.

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