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Sports Physio

When you are injured playing sport you need a physiotherapist who is experienced dealing with sporting injuries. A sports physio understands the significant demands placed on an athlete‚Äôs body, the stress this places on specific structures, and the injuries that occur with sport-related contact.

Every day we treat and manage athletes of all skill levels from across the Cairns region so they can achieve their performance goals. A sports physio will

correctly diagnose and treat athletic injuries

analyse and correct biomechanics to aid recovery and prevent re-injury

educate on the cause and management of their injury

prescribe rehab and strengthening programs

Treatment modalities can include

manual therapy such as massage and joint mobilisation

heat or cold therapy

exercise, flexibility and mobility program

reloading strategies

biomechanical analysis and correction

strapping, taping, and bracing

Sports Trainers

We provide sports training to a range of athletic events and sporting carnivals in Cairns and the Tropical North Queensland region. Our sports trainers are highly motivated and qualified members of our practice. They provide first aid, taping, massage and recovery services so your team can stay happy and healthy both on and off the field.

Sports Physio Team Management

Our physiotherapists provide comprehensive treatment and management of our associated teams at training and on game days. Our physios help prepare athletes for events, treat any injuries and make sure that all members of the team recover from competition and are performing at their best.

Training and Education

Sports physio plays a major role in injury management and overall athletic performance. PhyxMe provides training and education workshops to Cairns sporting clubs and groups on topics such as warm-up principles, recovery guidelines and injury prevention. 

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