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Vertigo and Headaches


Vertigo is the feeling or sensation of motion/movement in one’s self or surrounding environment [when there is in fact no motion/movement]. Vertigo is the most common type of dizziness and often feels like a spinning or swaying movement.

Vertigo Treatment and Assessment

Vertigo typically indicates a problem in a part of the vestibular system. If you have symptoms of vertigo that are triggered or aggravated by movement, we can provide highly effective vestibular physiotherapy for conditions such as

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

Viral infection of the inner ear (vestibular neuritis)

Vestibular migraine (a form of migraine that causes vertigo and dizziness with or without symptoms of headache)

PhyxMe has physiotherapists in Cairns with specific skills in vertigo treatment and vestibular rehabilitation who can conduct a comprehensive assessment of your dizziness and vertigo and develop a treatment and rehabilitation plan, involving

Habituation exercises

Eye-head coordination exercises

Balance and gait exercises

Re-positioning techniques


We have experienced Physiotherapists with a special interest in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a migraine and headaches. From the 300+ causes of headache and migraine, the majority of headaches are diagnosed as


tension type headache

neck headache (cervicogenic headache)

Other important considerations for treatment include the source of your headache

Primary headaches: not related to any other problem and include migraines, tension type headaches and cluster headaches
Secondary headaches: caused by an underlying problem and can include a post-whiplash headache, neck headache
Multi-Source Headache: simultaneous headaches, for example tension-type headache and neck headache

Headache treatment

Treatment will vary depending upon your specific symptoms and headache source and may include

Cervical assessment, mobilisations, releases and strengthening

Assessment of your TMJ (jaw) and releases, triggers and dry needling if appropriate

Watson Headache Approach

Facial drainage and sinuses trigger point release techniques

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