Post Natal and Pregnancy Pilates

Q Pilates offers post natal and pregnancy Pilates under the supervision of our physiotherapists. Clients first undertake a full musculoskeletal assessment with the physiotherapist (60 minutes) including a real-time ultrasound assessment of core abdominal muscles. The physiotherapist then designs a pregnancy Pilates or post natal Pilates program specifically for you.

Exercise safely AND achieve the best results with an individual program that is adapted by your physio as you progress

The aim of the classes is for you to achieve a happy, healthy and pain free pregnancy and return safely and strongly to exercise post-baby.

Please see details regarding clinical physiotherapy group classes for more information on the class format.

We also offer women’s health services for pre and post natal physiotherapy and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Can I claim using Private Health

Yes. Rebates are available for the assessment and group classes.

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