Mat and Reformer Pilates Classes

Body Tone Reformer Pilates

Q Pilates Body Tone classes are a fun, fast-paced and high-level reformer Pilates workout, programmed on a daily basis by experienced Pilates instructors. Limited to a small group of five clients, these reformer Pilates classes allow our skilled instructors to provide specific technique correction, modifications and variations to each client so they can achieve the overall goal of a safe yet challenging workout.

Classes are 45 minutes and exercises are undertaken on the Pilates reformer: a spring-loaded machine with a moving platform that allows you to strengthen your muscles while challenging core abdominal and joint stabilising muscles. Body Tone classes are ideal for clients with a good base level of fitness and mobility wanting a challenge, however do not suit clients who are pregnant, early post-partum or recovering from an injury (unless cleared by a physiotherapist).

Body Tone Orientation

Before commencing Body Tone classes every new client must attend a free, 30-minute orientation session with one of our Pilates Physiotherapists. These sessions cover basic Pilates fundamentals, a brief physiological assessment and get you familiar with how to use and adjust the Pilates reformer machine. Please discuss any previous spinal pain, injuries, abdominal surgery, early post-pregnancy or other health issues with your physiotherapist so can ensure the Body Tone reformer Pilates classes are right for you.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a 60-minute class programmed on a weekly basis by experienced Pilates instructors. Most exercises are undertaken on a mat on the floor and may incorporate small equipment such the Pilates circle, resistance bands, balls and hand weights. You will learn the fundamentals of Pilates including transversus abdominus and pelvic floor activation, core stability, postural alignment as well as building strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone. These classes are for those clients wanting to stay grounded in their Pilates fundamentals and exercise progressions, or those wanting to supplement their Body Tone classes.

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